Quotation call notice for equipment and furniture


Dhenkanal Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Dhenkanal, Odisha- 759001
Website: www.dhenkanalgovtwomenscollege.org


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Letter No. 394 / Dt.10.04.2017
Sealed quotations are invited from reputed Manufacturers/ Authorized Dealers /EPM/ DGS&D
rate contractor for supply & installation of equipment, furniture for hostel & modernized classroom of
this institution. The last date of submission of quotation for equipments & furniture is 17.04.2017(3.00 pm). For
details of items and terms & conditions, please visit the institution website
www.dhenkanalgovtwomenscollege.org from 10.04.2017. The date of opening of the quotation shall be
the next working day of the respective last date of submission of the concerned quotation. Quotation
incomplete in any respect as per the terms & conditions mentioned in the Quotation Call notice
available in the above website shall be summarily rejected. Any change in the date of opening of the
quotation due to any reason shall be notified in the above website. The authority reserves the right to
reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.

Principal, Dhenkanal Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Terms & Conditions
1. Sealed quotations are invited from reputed Manufacturers/ Authorized Dealers for supply &
installation of equipments & furniture’s for hostel & modernized classroom of this institution as per
specification mentioned against each item.
2. The Institution will not be responsible for any postal delay, holidays or any other reasons resulting in
delay of submission/receipt of quotation beyond due date. The quotations should be submitted by
Speed post/ Regd. Post only. The bidders should sign on each page of the quotation and self attested
copies of the required documents.
3. After finalizing the procurement process, Purchase order will be placed to successful bidder for supply
of the quoted items with quoted rate. If the firm fails to supply within stipulated period, the purchase
order will be treated as cancelled.
4. Payment towards supply of items to this institution will be made by cheque / draft only after
successful supply of the items to this institution & demonstration & certification at this end.
5. It will be responsibility of the concerned firms to deliver and install the items ordered &
demonstration at Dhenkanal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Dhenkanal at free of cost.
6. Quotation should be filled up in the format mentioned below for each item.
Sl No. Name of the item Unit Cost Vat Other Charges
(If any)
Total Cost.
7. Total amount of the item should include charges of transportation/ delivery at institution site/
installation & other (if any) and quoted price should be valid up to 31/03/2018.
8. Valid VAT Clearance certificate in form no 612 from competent authority should be enclosed with the
9. The authorized dealers must enclose the valid dealership certificate to this effect.
10. The bidder should quote the unit price against of each item. And will be procured as per requirements
of the institution, which is at the sole discretion of Principal, Dhenkanal Mahila Mahavidyalaya,
11. The BIDDER must have executed at least Three (3) State Level Projects of Equivalent in nature in the
recent past.
12. The firm/Organization participating in the BID is required to submit copies of up-to date Income tax,
sales Tax/VAT, Vat registration certificate, service Tax Certificate mandatory.
13. The bidder has to quote and execute the entire work on turnkey basis.
14. Part quotation or, any single item quotation will be not taken into consideration.
15. Bid not submitted as per prescribed procedures and guidelines will be liable for cancellation and will
be termed as Non Responsive and hence will not be considered for evaluation.
16. The bidder selected for the contract will be informed by an award letter of which the acceptance has to
be submitted to the authority within 05(Five) days of receipt of award letter.
17. Responsive bidder not performing the obligation under the contract, with sufficient reasons acceptable
to the authority inviting the BID, will be Black Listed.
18. In case of any false or incorrect information found in the Quotation, the authority inviting the BID may
reject the BID. Authority inviting the Bid may also inviting legal action against the BIDDER.
19. If any additional order will be placed subsequently, the firm is binding to execute the order in
stipulated time with same rate.
20. The Purchaser and the Supplier should try to resolve the disputes, if any, arising out of the contract,
amicably between them, failing which the same shall be referred to principal and technical committee
of Dhenkanal Mahilamahavidyalaya, Dhenkanal for adjudication as the sole Arbitrator under the
provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 whose decision will be final and binding on all
the parties to the dispute.
21. The Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any part or all the quotation without assigning any
reason thereof.
Parameters and Technical Specifications for Executing the Work:
1. The participant manufacturer/companies/Firms having own manufacturing units or their authorized
dealer can only participate. Proof of manufacturing is to be attached. Authorised official of Dhenkanal
Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Dhenkanal may also visit and inspect the manufacture set up as deemed fit.
2. Company /manufacturer/firm must have branch office at Odisha. Provide address details. Copy of Shop
and establishment Act registration certificate may be enclosed as proof of Establishment.
3. Manufacturer should be a member of BIFMA International (Business and Institutional Furniture
Manufacturers Association). Please enclose certificate of Manufacturer Company. This certificate is
required to ensure the reliability, functionality and superior design standard of the furniture and safety
of the user ensuring that the products are hazard free. Dealers participating should enclosed
certificates from their parent manufacturer company.
4. Manufacturer should be ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004, / ISO 50001:2011/ OHSAS 18001:2007
certificate. Dealers participating should enclose certificate from their parent manufacturer company.
5. The delivery of the items will have to be made at the college. No transportation/ carriage charges will
be provided for the same.
6. The rate quoted should be firm and final and written in ink or typed against each item and should in no
case be overwritten.
Inspecting and quality control:
The Sample of the goods is to be submitted by the L-1 bidder within 15 days from the date of issue of
letter/intimation for verification and approval, The sample will be as per our Tender Specification and will be
kept by this office till complete installation of order.
Evaluation procedure:
a. The offer received shall be scrutinized by an Evaluation committee constituted by Principal and
technical committee of Dhenkanal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Odisha for the purpose.
b. Evaluation committee will make evaluation all technical details as per criteria laid down in technical
c. Both the financially & technically qualified Bid will be evaluated as a whole considering all items.
d. The BIDDER has to quote rates for each item as per the scope of the work excluding the TAXES as
applicable. Evaluation will be made as a whole considering each item (on single lot basis)
e. The bidders should quote offer for all the items failing which the Financial BID stand rejected.
f. It’s not mandatory the lower quotationer /bidder will get the order.
g. Work & Supply order will be considered on quality parameter only.
h. If required negotiation may be made for awarding contract.
Details of the Bidder:
1. Name of the organization:
2. Name and designation of Office bearer(s):
3. Full postal Address phone/Fax, e-mail, website:
4. Branches & presence in Odisha (specify, if any)
5. Details of past work relevant to present assignment:
Title of the Name of Specific Total value Duration Salient
Assignment the client objectives of the work of work features
(Rs) (months) of the work

6. Details/ Documents of important works under taken to highlight Equivalent previous
experience (enclose copies of few relevant works).
7. Technical Specification of items
Sl No. Name of the Item Item Descriptions Qnty. Preferred Brand
1. Single hostel bed
with mosquito
Stand & iron jally.
Size: 6’ x 3’ with plywood,
misquote stand and crc jally (3’)
under bed for keeping accessories.
Specification: 12 mm Plywood
with support pipe (20mm x 40mm)
16 gauge, round crc pipe leg
(38mm) 16 gauge. Black powder
coated finish
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
2. Bunker bed with
Size: 6.5’ (L) x 3’ (W) x 5.5’ (H)
with plywood misquote stand and
crc jally (3’ x 2pc) under lower
bed for keeping accessories and
ladder for upper bed.
Specification: 12 mm Plywood
with support pipe (20mm x
40mm) 16 gauge, round crc pipe
leg (38mm) 16 gauge. Black
powder coated finish
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
3. Dining Table with
Dining Size: Round in shape (3.5’
x 3.5’) round steel under structure
powder coated finish.
Chair Size: 2.6’ (H) x 1.5 (W) x 1.5
(D) chrome finish legs & strong
back support (in curve shape)
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
5. Steel Almirah Size: 6.6’ (H) x 3’ (W) x 1.5’ (D)
Specification: Made up of prime
quality crca sheet conforming to
IS, 513, 1986. Four adjustable
shelves with prime quality dual
control luck with 6 lever. Thick
ness should be 20 gauge minimum
with superior A.D stove enamel
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
6. Steel Table Size: 3’ (L) x 2’ (D) x 2.5’ (H) with
single drawer on right hand side.
Specification: Table with a
Modern square in under structure
(25mm x 25mm). Top of the table
made up off NOVAPN board of
25mm effect. Anticorrosion
treatment with durable attractive
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
7. General purpose
Chair (S-Type)
Size: 3’ (H) x 1.7’ (W) x 1.8’ (D)
Specification: Chair with arms.
Tubular cantilevered structured
made of 25mm with round pipe
1.6mm steel tube having steel
inserts at the bends. Seat and back
with high density PU foam. Cushion
supported by cotton nivar greid.
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
8. Personal Locker Size: 6.6’ (H) x 3’ (W) x 1.6’ (D)
Specifications: Consists of 4
Pockets. Outer body, shelf & door
are made up of 0.8 mm CRCA steel
& legs are of 1mm CRCA steel.
Welded construction Each door
has a stiffener & lock box cover &
firmly mounted on two hinges.
Mazak (zinc alloy) handle. Cam
lock for each door.PU paint-RAL-
6002-Door & RAL-6605 Body.
Coating thickness of 50-60
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
9. Modern classroom
Table with chair
Size: 2.5’ (H) x 2’ (W) x 3’ (D) per
seater minimum
Top of the writing table should be
in MDF board with 25 mm
thickness and in post form lipping.
Seat should be of 2” height from
the ground level and made up of
MDF board with 25 mm thickness.
Durable attractive finish with
modern looks and comfortable in
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
10. Steel Table Size: 6’ (L) x 3’ (D) x 2.5’ (H) with
3 No’s of drawer on right hand
side & 1 cupboard on left hand
side with 1 shelve.
Specifications: The table with a
modern, square in under
structure (25 x 25 mm). The top of
the table is made up of Nova pan
01 No Godrej/Featherlite/Methodex/
Board of 25 mm effect. Lock with
keys in duplicate and precision
lock is provided. Anti- corrosion
treatment. Durable attractive
11. Smart Class
Specifications: Core i5/ 7th
Generation/ 4 GB RAM / 1 TB
HDD with original Win-10.
01 No Dell/Lenovo/ HP
White Board:
Specifications: 6’ X 4’ white board
01 No Alco shine/ PHD/ Whitemark
Ceramic White Board:
Specifications: 3’ X 4’ ceramic
white board
02 No Alco shine/ PHD/ Whitemark
Specifications: Short through
projector with 3300 Lumens /
XGA / 0.3 Throw / Ratio/ Dual
02 No Sony / Panasonic / Hitachi /
Ceiling Mount Kit
Specifications: Ceiling mount kit,
Power cable, HDMI & VGA cable
02 Unit Suvira/ Liberty
12. Power Backup Inverter:
Specifications: 1650 VA with 150
AH tubular 02 No’s of batteries
with trolley. (Preferred UPS
01 No Sukam/Microtek/
a) Profile Organizations/ Agencies (Most recent).
b) Copy of VAT Registration Certificate.
c) MAF (Manufacturer Authorisation Certificate) mandatory.
d) Copy of PAN & TIN.
e) Copy of VAT clearance certificates.
f) Copy of Service Tax. (Mandatory)
g) Documents/ Reports of important and relevant work to highlight Equivalent previous experience
minimum 03 numbers.
h) Technical Details with catalogue/ Broachers are mandatory.
***End of the Tender***