Interdepartmental Seminar 2014



Interdepartmental Seminars were held from 01.12.14 to 05.12.14, to motivate the students on interdisciplinary topics. The seminars were attended and participated by the Principal, teaching staff members and students with great enthusiasm.

Seminar: Education and Social Change

Date: 01.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Education): Dr R. C. Malla

Speaker: Dipti Behera (+3 Ist Yr Arts, Education Hons.)


Seminar:  Poverty Eradication Programme of India

Date: 02.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Economics): Smt. Sebati Dei

Speaker: Bidulata (+3 IInd Yr Arts, Economics Hons.)


Seminar: Metaphysical Poetry of John Donne

Date: 03.12.14

Head of the Dept. (English): Rudra Narayan Pattnaik

Speaker: Krishna Nath (+3 Ist Yr Arts, English Hons.)


Seminar: The Vedic Age: The Role of Women in Social Transformation

Date: 04.12.14

Head of the Dept. (History): Dr Amiya Rath

Speaker: Mamali Barik (+3 IInd Yr Arts, History Hons.)


Seminar: Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in India

Date: 05.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Home Science): Dr Charubala Pani

Speaker: Sanam Sahu (+3 IInd Yr Arts, Home Sc Hons.)


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