Interdepartmental Seminar- 2014



Interdepartmental Seminars were held from 09.12.14 to 12.12.14, to motivate the students on interdisciplinary topics. The seminars were attended and participated by the Principal, teaching staff members and students with great enthusiasm.

Seminar: The Importance of Human Resources in Today’s Organizations

Date: 09.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Psychology): Dr Bineeta Acharya

Speaker: Mamata Sahoo (+3 IIIrd Yr Arts, Psychology Hons.)


Seminar: Role of the Prime Minister in Changing Indian Politics

Date: 10.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Political Science): Smt. Anupama Dash

Speaker: Shradhanjali Sahu (+3 Ist Yr Arts, Political Sc Hons.)


Seminar: Mahima Dharm O Sant Kabi Bhima Bhoi

Date: 11.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Odia): Dr Sarojini Das

Speaker: Sunita Sahu  (+3 IInd Yr Arts, Odia Hons.)


Seminar: Ramya Ramayani Katha

Date: 12.12.14

Head of the Dept. (Sanskrit): Smt. Saraswati Devi

Speaker: Subhashree Sahoo (+3 IIIrd Yr Arts, Sanskrit Hons.)

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